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Leslie Borrell

Leslie is a 20-year technology and product leader for industry leading companies including Etsy, Travelocity, and ThoughtWorks, where she demonstrated a unique talent<break> for building diverse, strong teams capable of solving complex problems with simple solutions and delivering above expectations. She combines her deep understanding of agile values, engineering ethos, and practices that promote early delivery with her core values of empowerment and accountability to grow inspired teams. As a corporate tech veteran turned entrepreneur, in 2020 she shifted her focus to Carefully, a community technology solution that  allows parents to connect with people they trust to exchange care and organize playdates. Carefully is on a mission to make the world better through mutualism, community, and care with a cooperatively owned platform for parents. Leslie has always worked at the forefront of the technology industry, looking for the newest areas where she can adapt her experience, tackle new challenges, and expand her thinking. As a founding advisor to Soleil, the company’s mission is well aligned with her ongoing journey as she works to make the world better through mutualism, community and care.